11 May 2010

Video - in a flash

At the MarketingProfs B2B Conference last week in Boston, I heard about this video company, Pixability, that does fast and easy B2B videos. Their business model is great for anyone who needs to turn around video fast and who doesn't want to invest in equipment . Here's how the comany works:

I have yet to try the company myself but heard nothing but good reviews from the attendees in Boston.

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  1. Kodak pioneered this approach a 100 years ago: You'd buy a Kodak camera loaded with a roll of unexposed film, snap your pix, and mail the camera back to Kodak. A couple of weeks later, you'd get your developed photos, along with a reloaded camera. Plus ça change... :-)

    BTW, the camera came loaded with enough film for 100 pictures. Some people took decades to use up all the film! Fortunately, the film was B&W and had a fairly long shelf life.