24 September 2009

Semi-colon Smack Down

It's National Punctuation Day. This, I'm thinking, is a sign from God to start my blog. And what better way, than with a story about a misplaced semi-colon.
Some time ago while working for a multinational telecoms company, I was called into my boss' office. It seems someone in IT found a misplaced semi-colon on the company web site and felt the offense merited a call to the VP of marketing. No word of a lie.

I have since discovered that incidents such as this are not atypical in high tech. People who spend their days immersed in code do not take kindly to misplaced anything.

As it turns out the semi-colon was not misplaced at all; it perfectly separated two distinct but like thoughts.
My greatest wish for my remaining tenure in high-tech: I write the copy; you write the code.

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