15 October 2010

Convergence 2010: QNX gets laser focused

According to Susan Friedmann, the Tradeshow Coach and author of Meeting and Event Planning for Dummies, over 76% of visitors go to shows to see “what’s new.”

Believe it or not, having no shortage of new can be a curse. Getting a group of excited engineers to focus is not for the faint of heart. But without a strong focus, you get the tradeshow equivalent of a three-ring circus - too many pods, too much literature, too many graphics ... you get the idea.

The QNX booth (#717) at this year's automotive Convergence show is, I'm happy to say, laser focused. We'll be showing off one thing and one thing only - but what a thing! The Connected Car 2.0.

This new four-wheeled proof of concept illustrates in full 3D glory, the future of the in-vehicle experience. Like the connected car before it, our new concept car is built on the QNX CAR Application Platform, a complete production-ready software stack. Its customizable HMI and pre-integrated software is a boon to development teams creating the new breed of in-vehicle infotainment systems.

I'm not exactly a 'car guy' but I think this is one sweet ride! Wish I could show you all the gory details (sneak peak above) but I'd be scooping our PR dude, who normally shuns such preemptive excitement. More to follow.

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  1. Communique from the PR dude:

    I will begin revealing the gory details Monday afternoon. So for anyone who is interested, point your browser to http://onqpl.blogspot.com -- but keep a tab open on this blog, will ya?

    - Paul