19 October 2010

How is Gen Y changing the automotive landscape?

Here's a few other interesting nuggets from this morning's Blue Ribbon panel at Convergence 2010.

OnStar: The older generation saw the physical car as a statement. Gen Y sees connectivity the same way. And they want customization.

RIM: Connectivity is an innate behavior, regardless of generation. Gen Y will want applications we dont yet know about; for this we need a flexible platform.

Sprint: They have a Pavlovian response to email or SMS. We need to figure out how they can do it safely in the car because they are going to do it anyways.

Microsoft: Gen Y needs the ability to access their own ‘personal cloud’.

Gartner: This segment of our audience tends to buy used vehicles. [Ed note: Is Koslowski referring to an after-market opportunity?]

Moderator: Gen Y wants the vehicle to become their second home.

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